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Attention Local 195 Membership - Contract books are in the process of being updated at the

Governor's Office of Employee Relations. Once the updates are complete, the file will be sent to

the printer. When Local 195 receives a PDF of the updated contract, it will be posted under the

"Members" tab on our website. Click the dropdown menu and click on "Contract".

Contract books will be circulated to each department through the Governor's Office for

distribution and signature of receipt. The Local office does not provide contract books.

As always, please call the Local office if you have questions or concerns.

New Jersey Supreme Court struck down confidentiality rules

Gag order in sex harrasment case found unconstitutional by state's high court, adding victim has right to speak freely.



    Recently an anti-worker special interest group has been contacting our members and urging them to withdraw from the union.

    They want to weaken the union so that they can try to defund your jobs.

    Don't fall for their lies. Learn more by clicking the link below!

    Click to read about Freedom Foundation

    Local 195 invites you to become a member and join your Union!

    Click on the "Sign-Up Card" button to download the Application for Membership and Payroll Deduction Card. Fill out both cards, sign and return to the Local office at 186 North Main Street, Milltown, NJ 08850 or email cards to

    Sign-Up Cards

    Local 195 Membership ID Cards

    For those members who do not have an I.D. card with your membership number listed on the card, please call the Local office or email the Local at and a card will be ordered for you. Please note this process takes several weeks. If you are having trouble logging into the site with your ID number, please remember your password must be entered in with all lowercase letters.

    Update The Union Office

    Please notify the Local office if you have had any changes to your contact information, home address, work location or last name. Thank you!