On July 1, 1918 many federal labor unions met at a convention in Washington, DC. They then organized the International Federation Draftmen’s Union. This new National union was given jurisdiction over technical engineers, architects and draftsmen.

During the years the name was changed many times. In 1919 it became known as the International Federation of Technical Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen’s Union. In 1953 it became the American Federation of Technical Engineers. On July 1, 1958 the American Federation of Technical Engineers, Local 195 had international jurisdiction over employees in the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Shortly thereafter, Inspection, Maintenance and Crafts people became part of the International Union, Local 195.

The Public Employment Relations Commission law was passed in 1968, which lead to the formation and election of Local 195 bargaining units. In the 1970’s we saw the formations of the three (3) bargaining units. They consisted of Operations & Maintenance, Crafts and Inspection, Investigation and Security. In recent years, Local 195 represented approximately 7,000 people in our three bargaining units. The Inspection, Investigation and Security Unit was and still is represented jointly with Local 518, SEIU.

In the mid 1970’s, agency shop legislation took place with an 85% agency fee charged to non-members. Local 195, IFPTE holds one of the highest percentages of membership in the State Public Employees sector, which is approximately 75%. During the late 1980’s, Local 195, IFPTE represented approximately 8,000 people (both agency and full members). Due to the recent economic recession, Local 195, IFPTE still retains approximately 6,500 members and agency, as of the year 2020.

During the past thirty-eight years, Local 195, IFPTE’s office moved four times. The office was first located in Nutley, NJ. In 1978 the office moved to Totowa, NJ and then in 1982 to East Brunswick. In September of 2007 we bought our own building in Milltown, NJ.

Any individual employed in the general fields of Inspection, Investigation & Security, Crafts and Maintenance & Operations shall be eligible for membership in this Local. Membership shall also be open to any Public Employee of the State of New Jersey, or any employee within the geographical jurisdiction of Local 195, IFPTE.

The organization of this union has two basic levels, which consist of the Local and International. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. The International and Locals in Canada are affiliated with the Canadian Labor Congress.

The make-up of Local 195, IFPTE staff consists of three (3) officers, one (1) administrative assistant, two (2) business representative and a part-time legislative lobbyist, for a total of six (6) full-time employees. Other Local 195 officers are released periodically on union releases and lost time to perform functions of the local servicing approximately 5,000 members. Local 195, IFPTE has over 350 shop stewards in more than 400 locations. Local 195 has thirty-nine (39) chapter presidents State-wide, with one being in county government. Local 195 has over 660 representatives counting stewards, chapter officers and local officers. The area of jurisdiction is 175 miles long and 70 miles wide.

Local 195, IFPTE is part of 19 locals in the Atlantic Area. Gerald Newsome serves as Atlantic Area Vice President.

Departments represented by Local 195, IFPTE are the following: Agriculture, Community Affairs, Corrections, Education (Katzenbach School for the Deaf), Environmental Protection, Health, and the State Colleges and Universities: Rowan University, New Jersey City University, Kean University, Montclair University, Ramapo College, Stockton College, College of New Jersey and William Paterson University and New Jersey State Library/Thomas Edison College.

Also included are the Department of Human Services, Law & Public Safety, which includes Consumer Affairs, Racing Commission and the State Police. Local 195 also represents employees in Military & Veterans Affairs, Office of Administrative Law, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Transportation (which includes Motor Vehicles) and Treasury (Capitol Services and Lottery Commission).

Members of Local 195 sit on various committees and commissions, both in State Government and Labor Organizations. Local 195 participates in State AFL-CIO County and State Bodies, IUC Council and State AFL-CIO Public Employee Committees.

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